The Bronswik Affair

This funny yet serious short film demonstrates the effectiveness of advertising and the marketing machine. Its comic appeal lies in the characters and the absurd situations they find themselves in, but it also shines a harsh light on our tendency towards needless consumerism prompted by a steady flow of commercials.

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Robert Awad
André Leduc
René Jodoin
Robert Awad
Robert Awad
animation camera
Richard Moras
Jacques Avoine
Raymond Dumas
Simon Leblanc
sound editing
Gilles Quintal
Michel Descombes
André Leduc
Robert Awad
Jean-Michel Labrosse
Ian De Voy
Lorna Brown
Richard Comar


  • AmandaLavoie

    “I thought the film was pretty good. The message it sends out is that people get too into television and get "brain washed" to buy cetain products because the media tells them too. It raised a good point when it showed that television was making all of these different people buy different sorts of products because the media made them, then after they stopped watching television they were no longer into buying such large amounts of these products, simply brecause media wasn't telling them too. After the media was taken away from the society everyone was happier and parents would then allow their children to watch television, then they were all happy.” — AmandaLavoie, 20 Oct 2010

  • Jayden

    “I thought the film made a funny overexagerated point on how we let advertising control our lives and let ourselves buy rediculous things we don't need. I do feel that it should have been shorter because it lost my intrest about half way through. I liked the point it made when they said that we will no longer be controled by television when now fourty years later, we're more controled then back then.” — Jayden, 20 Oct 2010

  • jessicak

    “this video was a little strange. i did not know if it was a real thing when i was watching it, because they seemed so serious. It was a funny little video.” — jessicak, 20 Oct 2010

  • greeny

    “this video makes alot of sence in its own funny way ” — greeny, 20 Oct 2010

  • mikki14

    “this video was educational and strange. Its wierd tghat they put things in peoples tv to make them buy stuff. That would not be cool if it happened. ” — mikki14, 20 Oct 2010

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