Trouble in the Forest

In this compelling film, David Suzuki investigates the frightening phenomenon of forest dieback caused by acid rain and proposes some solutions.

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Gary Toole
Gary Toole
Craig Graham
executive producer
Barrie Howells
James Murray
associate producer
Michael Bennett
Holly Dressel
Steve Adamcryk
David De Volpi
Rudolf Kovanic
Neville Ottey
Barry Perles
Michael Storey
Diane Carrière
John Crawford
Charles Lefèvre
Bob Jones
Hans Oomes
Gary Toole
Michael McKennirey
sound editing
Danuta Klis
David Suzuki


  • babyjaguar

    “Thanks, Treehugger, for your appreciated input. Sadly, Gary Toole, after many pioneering films in the areas of environmentalism and social activism, passed away in 1993. I was the writer on Trouble in the Forest; we tried several times over the years to do sequels, but the money couldn't be found even at the Nature of Things. Now both the NFB and the CBC (the producers and broadcasters in those days) are in such distress that they are no longer able to fulfill their mandate to sufficiently inform Canadians about the issues that concern us so much. Do your best to support and encourage what is left of these institutions, in this terrible era of privatization.” — babyjaguar, 3 Jan 2013

  • Treehugger

    “@Gary Toole, Well done Sir, informative, thought provoking and saddening. While this film was produced in 1988 (24 years ago) a sequel is due (2012). ” — Treehugger, 31 May 2012

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