The Auctioneer

This feature documentary is a portrait of Dale Menzak, an auctioneer specializing in the sale of family farms who also works part-time as an undertaker. Set against a backdrop of gorgeous prairie vistas, The Auctioneer observes Menzak from a respectful distance as he facilitates the difficult process of letting go.

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Film Credits

Clark Banack
Hans Olson
Bonnie Thompson
Devinder Paul Singh
director of photography
Mike McLaughlin
sound design
Perry Blackman
Brett Ardiel
Dale Menzak
Gladys Menzak
Serge Lutzak
Pete Conway
Len Kowalchuk
Joyce Kowalchuk
Chris Cartier
Lan Chau
Yvonne Fischer
Alexandra Garcia
Anna Garcia
Elaine Garcia
Janet Litun
Edward McCormack
Donna McCrimmon
Linda Myshaniuk
Carley Pawluk
sound recordist
Larry MacDonald
Clark Banack
Hans Olson
executive producer
David Christensen

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