These provocative 20-minute movies made by high school students provide an insider's look at youth culture. Made by four 17-year-old directors with help from a professional crew, Salt is a four-part filmzine: four films, four flavours, four windows into youth culture that explore alternative education, Montreal's flourishing independent music scene, the troubling practice of self-mutilation and a quest for the punk subculture.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

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Alex Margineanu
Jason Campbell
picture editing
Jules Collette
Marlo Miazga
Louise Leroux
sound editing
Jason Campbell
original music
Dominique Grand
Sylvain Grand
Serge Boivin
Jean Paul Vialard
archival research
Françoise de La Cressonnière
Dennis Trudeau
Patricia Rodriguez
Aaron Goodwyn
Adam Caplan
Kelly King
Lee Springer
Angelo Komatsoulis
Elizabeth Wood
Chamandy Family, The
Nisha Nathani
Melissa Auf der Maur
Erin Ross
Julie Doiron
Jon Claytor
Ben Claytor
Charlotte Claytor
Dan McKell
Tiger Wang
Isabelle Cox
Borza Gomeshi
Robert Ouimet
Agatha de Santis
Mélanie Bénard
Natalia Yanchak
Julien Beillard
Jonathan Latour
Michael Feuerstack
Andrew McCormack
Alex Bozikovic
Paul Assaly
Pierre Black
Lior Scheer
Lauraine Leblanc
Gabrielle Carlier
Paul Gott
Julie Pattee
Jean-François Rioux
Kristy Chabot
Stéphane Viau
Téo L. Blackburn
Sharon Erskine
Amber Goodwyn
Morgan Gage
Karen Shamy-Smith
Beverly Brown
supervising director
Louise Leroux
associate producer
Rick Blackburn
Pierre Lapointe
executive producer
David Verrall