Rose & Violet (Trailer)

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This animated short tells the story of conjoined twins Rose and Violet who are recruited by Circus Igor for their acrobatic prowesses. With their shared arm, the sisters whirl, twirl and fly in the footlights under the big top. They seem bound for glory, but when the world’s strongest man joins the troupe, things get complicated. A performance turns to disaster and the unthinkable happens: Rose and Violet are separated. Will the accident spell the end of their delirious acrobatic adventures?

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Film Credits

Claude Grosch
Luc Otter
Claude Grosch
Luc Otter
Melissa Malkin
Marcy Page
Anne Schroeder
executive producer
Melissa Malkin
David Verrall
Anne Schroeder
Ellen Muth
Giselle Webber
Marcel Jeannin
Harry Standjofski
Andreas Apergis
image editing
Jared Curtis
sound design
Pierre Yves Drapeau
Pia Dumont
Normand Roger
sound edit
Pierre Yves Drapeau
Pia Dumont
Normand Roger
original music
André Dziezuk
Marc Mergen
Jo Meuris
Pierre-Nicolas Riou
Philippe Vaucher
Sarah Marchand
Virpi Kettu
voice recording
Geoffrey Mitchell
Pierre Yves Drapeau
foley artist
Bertrand Boudaut
Pierre Yves Drapeau
Jean Paul Vialard

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