Obachan's Garden

Peeling back the layers of her grandmother's life, filmmaker Linda Ohama discovers a painful, buried past in this feature-length documentary. Asayo Murakami, 103 years old, recalls life in Japan, her arrival in Canada as a "picture bride," her determination to marry a man of her choice, the bombing of Hiroshima and the forced relocation of her family during WWII. Beautifully rendered dramatic sequences are merged with an exquisite collection of memories, feelings, images and voices. Culminating in an emotional reunion with a long-lost daughter, this film is a personal reflection of Japanese-Canadian history and a testament to one woman's endurance and spirit.


Linda Ohama
Selwyn Jacob
Linda Ohama
executive producer
Graydon McCrea
director of photography
Kirk Tougas
Linda Ohama
Manfred Becker
Linda Ohama
Dennis Burke
Linda Ohama
Natsuko Ohama
Nelson Mashita
Caitlin Ohama Darcus
Donna Yamamoto
July Ono
Warren Takeuchi


  • grannylin46

    “Thank-You for sharing your wonderful heart felt story and Thank you NFB for the making of this film.” — grannylin46, 26 Aug 2014

  • chiyoko

    “love you great grandma xoxoxoxoxoxoxo” — chiyoko, 27 Jun 2010

  • reginahartwick@trentu.ca

    “wonderful film! ” — reginahartwick@trentu.ca, 26 Feb 2010

  • cdrozdow@georgebrown.ca

    “Beautiful film. ” — cdrozdow@georgebrown.ca, 27 Jan 2010

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