Moving Pictures

This multi-layered Colin Low documentary offers a visual exploration of his personal collection of war etchings and woodcuts. Collected over 5 decades, these images, including extremely detailed miniatures, were nearly impossible to accurately capture on film. The images so fascinated and haunted Low that he shot them in 35 mm and developed techniques - used here for the first time - to show the fine lines of stamps and the microscopic details of tiny copperplate etchings with startling clarity. In Moving Pictures, Low traces his growing awareness of war, the perversion of art into propaganda, and the technological advances that have led to more efficient creation and dissemination of images - as well as more effective weapons of mass destruction.


Colin Low
Colin Low
Colin Low
Boyce Richardson
Mark Zannis
Gerald Vansier
music composer
Chris Crilly
sound editing
Chris Crilly
sound design
Chris Crilly
director of cinematography
Ernest McNabb
picture research
Meilan Lam
Meilan Lam
animation camera
Pierre Landry
Thea Pratt
historical research
Colin Low
Christian Medawar
Mark Zannis
archival film research
Pascale Bilodeau
foley artist
Jean René Francoeur
Serge Boivin
executive producer
Sally Bochner
Don Haig


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