Canada Vignettes: Instant French

Canada Vignettes: Instant French

| 1 min

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This animated short is a take on the "As Seen on TV" commercials, or the K-Tel ads of yesteryear. In this parody version, the ad attempts to sell an electronic device that allows one to speak fluent, effortless French.

Please note that this film was produced in 1979 and reflects certain attitudes and thinking of its era. The last scene of the film includes negative stereotyping of Jews living in Quebec. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. While the film does not represent today’s views as perspectives of Canadians (and the NFB) have evolved and we have become more conscious regarding issues of discrimination and minority rights, the film is presented in its original version because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these stereotypes never existed.

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  • director
    André Leduc
  • animation
    André Leduc
  • producer
    David Verrall
  • executive producer
    Derek Lamb
  • animation photography
    Piroska Mihalka
  • narrator
    Rod Charlebois

  • JamesComerford

    I was 9 or 10 when I first saw that.

    JamesComerford, 4 May 2012
  • bdonb

    A must buy!

    bdonb, 31 Mar 2012
  • Felipe_Carrelli

    lol! i need one of these!

    Felipe_Carrelli, 15 Dec 2011
  • lleavens


    lleavens, 16 Feb 2010