How Do They Make Potato Chips?

How Do They Make Potato Chips?

                                How Do They Make Potato Chips?
| 4 min

How Do They Make Potato Chips? is one of a series of short and snappy videos that reveal the mysteries behind everyday things. Almost every child likes to eat potato chips and will love to learn how they're made. (Bet you can't watch this video just once!)

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  • director
    Don White
  • cinematographer
    Ken Kuramoto
  • editor
    George Johnson
  • sound recording
    Rick Bal
  • sound design
    Gael MacLean
  • re-recording engineer
    Michael Colomby
  • producer
    George Johnson
  • executive producer
    Svend-Erik Eriksen

  • h_13mb

    Missing one important phase: the cutting/slicing. Since you refer to children's curiosity, that is one element they would look for.

    h_13mb, 16 Mar 2017