Home Again

This feature drama tells the story of Marva, Dunston and Everton, three Jamaicans who grew up in Toronto, New York and London respectively, and are deported “home” to Jamaica. Once in Kingston, they discover that every day is a fight for survival in which family support, friendships and shelter are elusive. They each embark on a journey that pushes their endurance beyond measure and forces them to discover who they truly are. A powerful, visually stunning film, Home Again asks the question: “How would you survive?” Starring Tatyana Ali and singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson.

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Sudz Sutherland
Jennifer Holness
Sudz Sutherland
Jennifer Holness
Don Carmody
Anita Lee
executive producer
Silva Basmajian
Maxime Rémillard
Sudz Sutherland
director of photography
Arthur E. Cooper
production designer
Rupert Lazarus
Kenny Neal
Mischa Chillak
Jeff Warren
costume designer
Gersha Phillips
Tatyana Ali
Lyriq Bent
Stephan James
Fefe Dobson
Richard Chevolleau
CCH Pounder
Paul Campbell
Kadeem Wilson
Brian Brown
Grace Aberdeen
Shaun Austin-Olsen
Teri-Leigh Bovell
Peter Bryant
Eugene Clark
Jess Gibbons
Mandisa Granderson
Leslie-Ann Lavine
Anthony Lawrence
Pauline Mark
Akeem Morgan
Kevin Nathaniel
Kataem O'Connor
Conrad Parris
Susan Roberts-Fox
Vivien Aboud
Delores Alexander
Patti-Anne Ali
Rondelle Alleyne
Grace Armas
Fabrice Barker
Rachel Bascombe
Kevon Brooks
Tariq Cedeno
Michael Cherrie
Serran Clark
Deshaun Clarke
Anderson Claxton
K.C. Collins
Kimberly Crichton
Akeila Dalrymple
Crystal Daniel
Justin Dove
Anthony Farr
Nathan Francois
Otis Grazette
Michael Germain
George Gonzales
Roxanne Gray
Elaine Harvey
Selwyn Henry
Lamar Johnson
Louris Lee-Sing
Kevin McMayo
Brian Ray Moore
Gary Moore
Latisha Nottingham
Kerlan Parris
Jean Paul
Tyler Peloi
Lylah Persad
Shannan Pesnell
Gregory Pollonais
Anton Reid
Damion Richards
Ernest Rodriguez
Candice Lela-Rolingson
Cecilia Salazzar
Brent Sancho
Al Sapienza
Atiba Selman
Jamaal Simmons
Jillian Smith
Penelope Spencer
Rayne Sutherland
Daeja Sutherland
Ciele Sutherland
Cherisse Tuitt
Dewshane Williams
Ryan Quesnel
Olatunji Yearwood
Triston Wallace
Jeremy Thomas
story editor
Shernold Edwards
sound mixer
Bissa Scekic
set decorator
Kent McIntyre
lead set dresser
Maurice Darmanie
key makeup artist
Roxanne DeNobrega
key hair stylist
Etheline Joseph
special effects makeup artist
Steven M. Taylor
supervising sound editor
John Laing
Mark Gingras
sound effects editor
Adam Stein
foley artist
Tim O'Connell
re-recording mixer
Keith Elliot
Steve Moore
graphics lead
Max Piersig
Adam Potvin
Greg Lamar
James Joris


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