Dreams Come True: A Sheldon Cohen Retrospective

Author Roch Carrier hosts this documentary retrospective of the work of animation director Sheldon Cohen. Carrier offers anecdotes and insight about Cohen's movies, created over the past 30 years at the National Film Board of Canada. Lively animation sequences created by Greg Houston as well as Cohen's illustrations offer lively visual counterpoint. There is emphasis on the art of making animation from children's books as Cohen's films are based on the works of celebrated authors from across Canada including: Roch Carrier's The Sweater; Wilma Riley's Pies; Dayal Kaur Khalsa's Snow Cat (adapted by author Tim Wynne-Jones) and Khalsa's I Want a Dog. Excerpts of these films are included in the documentary.

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Sheldon Cohen
onscreen host
Roch Carrier
√Čric Barbeau
sound recording
Jean-Paul Bataille
picture editing
Sheldon Cohen
digital special effects
Michel Pelland
Normand Roger
sound design
Normand Roger
theme for opening titles
Zander Ary
song for end credits
Linda Morrison
sound editing
Pierre Yves Drapeau
final mix
Geoffrey Mitchell
Sylvia Mezei
executive producer
David Verrall
Marcy Page


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