Canada Remembers - Part Two - The Liberators (Educational Version)

June to December, 1944. After years of dedication and sacrifice, an Allied victory seems tantalizingly close. The Liberators accompanies Canadian soldiers from their D-Day landings on the shores of Normandy, up along the coast of northern France and into Belgium and Holland. The film also visits the homefront in Canada, where the war effort was transforming the country into a formidable industrial nation--the fourth largest producer of armaments among the Allied countries. In achieving this, women played a leading role, with almost one million in the work force by 1944.

The Second World War changed the way Canadian women saw themselves and, indeed, the way the country as a whole saw itself--a young nation that had now become much more mature and self-confident. Interspersed with archival footage are the vivid memories of men and women who recall life during the war years. Part two of the series.

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Film Credits

Terence Macartney-Filgate
Kent Martin
executive producer
Don Haig
William Whitehead
Jim Aquila
Rolf Cutts
Hans Oomes
Markham Cook
sound editing
André Galbrand
Wojtek Klis
Paul Demers
Louis Hone
Nathalie Morin
R.H. Thomson
Neil Smolar
Elizabeth Klinck
William F. Whitehead
Hallie Sloan
Nora Cook
Farley Mowat
Harry Fox
J.G. Larry Robillard
Michel Gauvin
Ken Bell
Jean-Charles Forbes
Jack Marshall

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