Return to Dresden

In 1945, Great Britain and the United States organized a bombing raid that devastated the ancient city of Dresden. This short documentary returns exactly 40 years after its destruction and celebrates its renaissance with the re-opening of one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe. One guest at this gala was the Canadian navigator of one of the bomber planes, returning to Dresden on a mission of peace that brought him face-to-face with the people who were once his enemies.

From the playlist : The Strength of Peace

The carpet bombing of Dresden, Germany in 1945 was a prelude to the massive destruction wrought by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Forty years later, the city celebrated its renaissance with the opening of a new opera house. One of the guests was a Canadian navigator of one of the bomber planes. Now an ardent peace activist, he discovers the humanity that rose from the rubble.

— Douglas Roche


Martin Duckworth
Martin Duckworth
Jacques Vallée
Jean-Pierre Lachapelle
Richard Besse
sound editing
Alain Sauvé
Michel Descombes
André Gagnon
Earl Pennington
Frances Hyland


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