Bush Pilot: Reflections on a Canadian Myth

This short documentary offers a reflection on the development of the North, where towns are increasingly being remade in the image of the South and bush pilots are slowly becoming obsolete.

For more background info on this film, visit the NFB.ca blog.


Bob Lower
Norma Bailey
Jerry Krepakevich
executive producer
Michael Scott
Bob Lower
Richard A. Stringer
Alan Lawrence
Elise Swerhone
David Springbett
Jane Creba
Clive Perry
Brian Richardson


  • Brasstacks

    “Again, a myth has been debunked.It is a very hard life being a bush pilot!” — Brasstacks, 7 Nov 2013

  • mcrosbie

    “A very interesting film. My father was a pilot in the late 1940s, learning to fly in night school and flying school at the Vancouver airport. He owned a Culver Cadet to get around the province of BC to do his job as an electrical contractor in various small towns and logging camps etc. ” — mcrosbie, 30 Jan 2013

  • dwyllie49

    “i just loved ths film i'm an old westcoast logger and spent many hours flying in the trusty old beaver she always made sure i got home to my babys, and my hats off to the men who made sure we got there,those guys and gals would get us through all kinds of weather” — dwyllie49, 15 Jul 2012

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