Another Side of the Forest

This documentary looks at developments in the Canadian forestry industry from the 1970s. Turning a Newfoundland bog into woodland, fostering British Columbia seedlings that withstand mechanical planting, inoculating Ontario elms against the bark beetle, devising ways of controlling fire... these are some of the experiments shown being carried out in laboratories and in the field to protect and conserve the country's vast forests.

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Film Credits

Raoul Fox
Strowan Robertson
William Brind
executive producer
Colin Low
Strowan Robertson
Savas Kalogeras
Raoul Fox
William Brind
sound editing
Bernard Bordeleau
Michel Descombes
Donald Douglas

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    “@pegasis8 -- Unfortunately, Fox was never on staff here so we don;t have his contact information. He made a couple of films but only as a freelance filmmaker.” — NFB_Moderator, 19 Dec 2014

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    “Can someone give me the contact details for Raoul Fox?” — pegasis8, 7 Dec 2014

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