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Land of the Heads

Land of the Heads

| 6 min

This animated short tells the tale of a vampire forced go out every night to separate children from their heads. The reason? His vain wife wants to replace her wrinkled head with one that is young and pretty. What a horror! Especially since the lady of the house is never satisfied and the heads keep piling up on the floor. How will our reluctant vampire ever get out of this vicious cycle?

This film contains scenes of violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • director
    Cédric Louis
    Claude Barras
  • screenwriter
    Cédric Louis
    Julien Sulser
  • executive producer
    Claude Barras
    David Verrall
  • producer
    Michael Fukushima
  • associate producer
    Izabela Rieben
  • director of photography
    David Toutevoix
  • animator
    Françoise Grumeau
    Dale Hayward
  • director's assistant
    Aurélie Sprenger
  • operator assistant
    Jérôme Nyffeler
  • software engineer
    Stéphane Pierroz
  • machinist
    Dominique Corseaux
  • set builder
    Ludovic Chemarin
  • props master
    Delphine Daumas
  • set assistant
    Lynn Marie Devillaz
    Antonio Veiras Yànez
  • character builder
    Gregory Beaussart
  • costume designer
    Vanessa Riera Frangu
  • character painter
    Lynn Marie Devillaz
    Antonio Veiras Yànez
  • editing
    David Monti
  • visual effects
    Aurélie Sprenger
    Jérôme Nyffeler
  • digital imaging
    Susan Gourley
  • online editing
    Denis Pilon
  • titles
    Nicolas Robel
  • making-of
    Muriel Reichenbach
    Jannick Simoncini
  • original music
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
    Normand Roger
    Denis Chartrand
  • sound design
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
    Normand Roger
  • sound editing assistant
    Dominique Bourgouin
  • voice
    Bob Olivier
  • trumpet
    Nemo Venba
  • trombone
    David Grott
  • clarinet
    Patrick Vetter
  • saxophone
    Patrick Vetter
  • violin
    Bernard Cormier
  • double bass
    Éric Lagacé
  • accordion
    Denis Chartrand
  • musical saw
    Nicolas Letarte
  • percussion
    Nicolas Letarte
  • sound mix
    Serge Boivin
    Shelley Craig
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • administrator
    Jean Blaise Perrin
    Gisèle Guilbault
    Rosalina Di Sario
  • technical coordinator
    Julie Laperrière
  • marketing
    Mia Desroches


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Ages 15 to 17

Family Studies/Home Economics - Aging/Death and Dying
Health/Personal Development - Bullying & Discrimination
Media Education - Body Image
Media Education - Media Violence

What does this film say about beauty, obsessions, or obligations? To what lengths do we go in order to feel better about ourselves? Is there anything the vampire could do differently? Doesn't he have a choice in the matter? What is the difference between a choice and an obligation? What about the wife? What needs to change in her life to stop her from sacrificing young girls in order to steal their heads?

Land of the Heads
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