Mackenzie King and the Conscription Crisis

From the beginning of the Second World War in 1939, Mackenzie King tried to avoid conscription. Most English Canadians thought young men should be sent to fight, while most French Canadians vehemently disagreed. This same division had nearly torn the country apart during the First World War. King had to make a decision in the final year of the war. This docudrama combines archival footage with excerpts from The King Chronicles, a dramatic series written and directed by Donald Brittain. Some scenes contain graphic language.

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Film Credits

Erna Buffie
Erna Buffie
Adam Symansky
David Wilson
executive producer
Colin Neale
David Wilson
Denise Beaudoin
sound editing
Les Halman
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Shelley Craig
Terre Nash
Louis Babin
Sean McCann
Damir Andrei
Mark Brennan
Jean Chevalier
Jason Dean
Yves Dubreuil
John Friesen
David Gardner
Dean Hagopian
Gordon Jocelyn

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  • efrem

    “mr king was smart. he served the longest term in office ” — efrem, 21 Apr 2011

  • Ronaldmac

    “I absolutely love the scene between 6:36 and 7:50. Blunt and honest, brilliant.” — Ronaldmac, 27 Aug 2010

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