The Rocket

Meet Maurice Richard on and off the ice, and follow his spectacular career with the Montreal Canadiens--from the early '40s, when only a few thousand people turned out for pro hockey games, to the 1950s, when the Montreal Forum was bursting with delirious fans. Clarence Campbell, former president of the NHL, describes him as "the most exciting player I have ever seen in my life." The Rocket features footage from games and revealing interviews with Richard himself, the first star of the golden age of hockey.

Film Credits

Jacques Payette
Éric Michel
José Heppell
sound editing
Claude Langlois
Claude Chevalier
Jean Paul Vialard
Normand Roger

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  • canadianation

    “Although I never saw a game in which he played, Rocket Richard is my favourite player of all time.” — canadianation, 3 Feb 2011

  • bush bunny

    “Although I never got to see him play, Maurice Richards name is of course synomanous to hockey, I also like the movie that was made about him, I have seen tons of films and interviews, and got to see him play live as a ref, with the montreal canadien oldtimers, I took my sons also so they could say they seen him too, we lived in northern Alberta, and pro hockey wasn't here yet, but to me the thing that bothers me the most is, when he passed away t6he house he lived in was modest, this man was the Babe Ruth of hockey, he built the forum, and drastically improved many peoples bank statements, he was the first superstar of the game, you would think that he should've been treated like royalty, but the money stayed at the top. I was never a canadien fan, but had a tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Richard. In those years fans were team loyal, today they are player loyal, the players played for the love of the game, ever since the hockey strike, hockey has never been as popular as it once was, it's still our game, and we love it, but money has somehow changed things.” — bush bunny, 16 Mar 2010

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