Winter Across Canada

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To those who live elsewhere, winter in Canada means one thing - snow. But to Canadians, winter isn't so easily defined. Across each of the provinces and territories, the season brings with it different experiences. From the bone-chilling dampness of the Maritimes to the abundant snowfalls of Quebec; from the harsh cold of the Prairies to the milder weather on the Pacific Coast, winter means different things to different people. We've compiled a selection of six unique films which, when viewed together, paint a portrait of winter across this great country.

We're offering two different takes on hockey, our national pastime: The Sweater is an NFB classic - an animated short about a boy, his sweater and the true Québécois worship of Maurice "Rocket" Richard. Ha'aki, also animated, offers a very different take on the same sport. The Sword of the Lord showcases the determination and dedication of Jungle Jim Hunter, an athlete from the 1970s who aspired to be the best ski racer in the world. Ordeal by Ice, shot in 1945, depicts the British Army training in the Canadian Rockies in -50 temperatures, while Temples of Time uses the same location to showcase wildlife and the many faces of Mother Nature. Finally, Cree Hunters of Mistassini takes us up North, where this group of First Nations people hunt in the areas of James Bay and Ungava Bay. Filmed in 1974, this film offers a rare glimpse into the day to day life of three Cree families.

So get cozy and warm, sit back and watch our great Canadian winter play out before you.