Rosies of the North

They raised children, baked cakes... and built world-class fighter planes. Sixty years ago, thousands of women from Thunder Bay and the Prairies donned trousers, packed lunch pails and took up rivet guns to participate in the greatest industrial war effort in Canadian history. Like many other factories across the country from 1939 to 1945, the shop floor at Fort William's Canadian Car and Foundry was transformed from an all-male workforce to one with forty percent female workers.

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Kelly Saxberg
Kelly Saxberg
Joe MacDonald
executive producer
Graydon McCrea
Bob Lower
Ian Elkin
Dino Schiavone
sound editing
Saul Henteleff
Bruce Little
Martine Friesen
Greg Lowe
Randy Wilson
Corinne Little
Jadwiga Kondakow
Nina Godecki
Mary Riddoch
Irene Fedell
Lorna Marsden
Elizabeth Schneewind
Gordon Burkowski
Muriel Bailey
Alice Taylor
Jim Carmichael
Alan Norton
Helen Gural
Lauretta Breckon Jones
George Bicknell
Ann Soulsby
Kaylee Busniak
Tracey Busniak
Marilyn Bellin
Jack Little
Margaret Gandier
Don Gandier


  • MOSAherne

    “Now I can include CanCar-and the less-heralded workforce there. As regards the women; I would be tempted to say they don't 'make them like they used to' but I'm sure the ladies in this movie will bepleased to hear of the great difference today in women in aviation -and in the military. I just was looking at them -earlier. Phew!. I wish I was younger too. Now I hope you will appreciate 'one I made earlier' on When great people surmount earthly hindrences and ‘per ardua surgo ad astra’-I wonder how the world -especially in the west has ‘fallen’ in 50 years- into a death spiral of celebrity cretins -powered by cultural black holes of advertising; PR ;media and their vast orbit of influence . It’s with this galactic chasm of contrast between real life contribution from the aviators;commercial and air force; medics-EMT -AE nurses;doctors and surgeons; engineers and people all over the world who do responsible work with skill and courage —-in stark contrast -over today’s overpaid and inane savage tribes of self serving TV panelists and glib opinion formers and chatter merchants-that is a source of depression for me. I hope the former group prestige and cudos rises again over the latter groups vacuity. I have taken opportunities to be amongst some of these aforementioned heroic people-including but not only-the folks at Edwards AFB; and Nellis AFB Nevada east to Cape Canaveral Space and ranges and Patrick AFB—–from the reknown -to the unknown support crews and technicians- I salute them. Ladies of Cancar ---you're included! Maurice GP O'Sullivan Aherne Ireland” — MOSAherne, 4 Dec 2011

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