The Sniffing Bear

This animated film uses the Arctic landscape and the traditional Inuit characters of the Bear, the Seal and the Owl to raise young people's awareness about the harmful effects of substance abuse. A polar bear experiences hallucinations after inhaling fumes from an abandoned gas can. A nearby owl and seal help to show the bear the error of his ways, thus preventing him from falling further into addiction. This film was an initiative of the Natives of the Institution La Macaza to warn children of the dangers of inhaling toxic chemicals.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

Film Credits

Co Hoedeman
Co Hoedeman
Co Hoedeman
Co Hoedeman
Thérèse Descary
Suzanne Allard
sound editing
Louis Dupire
Gilles Quintal
Guy Trépanier

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  • Snodgerino

    “This is amazing. What a fantastic cautionary tale” — Snodgerino, 12 Oct 2011

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