Land of the Long Day

This short documentary journeys to Baffin Island. For four months in the summer, the Arctic has continuous daylight. During this time, provisions must be made for the long dark winter ahead. Idlouk, an Inuit hunter, recounts his experiences living in this northern land, where he hunts seal, walrus, whales and polar bears, among other animals. His wife, children and elderly parents each have their own work to do in their unending struggle to survive in this harsh land.

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Film Credits

Douglas Wilkinson
Douglas Wilkinson
Michael Spencer
Jean Roy
Clarke Daprato
Victor Jobin
sound editing
Kenneth Heeley-Ray
John Drainie
Louis Applebaum

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  • Nathaniel

    “A great video! I would love to move to the Arctic and live like that... I loved the stubborn dogs refusing to get out the boat to go for a long sledge run, reminds me of my dog first thing in the morning, she hates getting out of bed this time of year lol” — Nathaniel, 14 Nov 2013

  • pkalluk

    “The movie brought lot of memories.” — pkalluk, 21 Feb 2011

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