In this feature-length documentary, 8 Inuit teens with cameras offer a vibrant and contemporary view of life in Canada’s North. They also use their newly acquired film skills to confront a broad range of issues, from the widening communication gap between youth and their elders to the loss of their peers to suicide. In Inuktitut with English subtitles.

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Bobby Echalook
Sarah Idlout
Laura Iqaluk
Linus Kasudluak
Dora Ohaituk
Rita-Lucy Ohaituk
Willia Ningeok
Caroline Ningiuk
Mila Aung-Thwin
Daniel Cross
Brett Gaylor
Lucassie Echalook
Janet Idlout
Elisapee Inukpuk
Johnny Inukpuk
Mary Patsauq Iqaluk
Nellie Nastapoka
Anna Ohaituk
Leo-Paul Ohaituk
sound editor
Marco Fania
foley artist
Chris Piggins
sound re-recording
Geoffrey Mitchell
Pierre Lapointe
executive producer
Sally Bochner


  • plantation

    “Genuine people that speak from their hearts. Outstanding film that deserves 110% praise and recognition !!” — plantation, 17 Apr 2011

  • Janet

    “A totally awesome movie-thank you for making it. I hope all the teenagers are doing well and finding a way through the challenges. ” — Janet, 2 Feb 2011

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