At the Spring Sea Ice Camp: Part 1

In this short documentary on the Netsilik Inuit, Inuit families travel across the sea ice. Before night falls, they build igloos. A boy practices throwing his spear at a figure he has made in the snow. A woman crimps the sole of a sealskin boot she is making.

Film Credits

Quentin Brown
Quentin Brown
executive producer
Kevin Smith
Asen Balikci
Guy Mary-Rousselière
Richard Bergman
Ken Campbell
Ken Post
Douglas Wilkinson
Robert Young
Jacques Drouin
Elvin Carini
Michel Chalifour
William Gaddis
Jack Hirschfield
Bill Tannebring
sound editing
Malca Gillson
Ken Page
Don Wellington

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  • russell

    “Thats my home in nunavut ” — russell, 4 Jan 2012

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