Animation from Cape Dorset

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  • 18 min 52 s

This film is a collection of short animated sequences produced by Inuit of the Cape Dorset (Baffin Island) Film Animation Workshop, which was established to teach northern people a new and novel form of creative expression. The results, as shown here, reveal an easy adaptation to the medium, a keen sense of observation and an underlying humour. There is some explanation in English and some in Inuktitut.


  • Silaqqi11

    “I have been searching for this film that my father helped create, and it has been a wonder to find. Considering technology in the 70's I figure this is a piece of work and am proud to watch every second. Wish I could get DVD for personal collection.” — Silaqqi11, 11 Jan 2012

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Film Credits

Joanasie Salamonie
John Taylor
Solomonie Pootoogook
Timmun Alariaq
Mathew Joanasie
Itee Pootoogook Pilaloosie
Peter Pitseolak

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