Never Lose Sight

This short documentary presents the environmental challenges in Nunavut. Beneath the immaculate layer of snow, there are mountains of trash. Iqaluit's 2 dumps are filled beyond capacity and the municipality has no plan to solve the problem. Throughout the film, we discover the problems faced by this isolated region and learn just how serious they are. But above all, we hear a call to action from the residents, who don't want to see the North they love disappear. In French with English subtitles.

This documentary was made as part of the Tremplin program, with the collaboration of Radio-Canada.

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√Čtienne Denis
William Hyndman
Caleb Little
Evan Little
Jim Little
Eric McNair-Landry
Sarah McNair-Landry
Elisapee Sheutiapik
Mary Ellen Thomas
Sarah McNair-Landry
Sarah McNair-Landry
Sarah McNair-Landry
Sarah McNair-Landry
director of photography
Stefan Nitoslawski
Richard Lavoie
Peter Vinet
sound editor
Daniel Toussaint
Lise Wedlock
original music
Claude Fradette
Serge Boivin
Anne-Marie Rocher
executive producer
Jacques Turgeon


  • AlaskanExplorer

    “watched and had the same problem with the film buffering at about 15:31, tried a couple of times and it would began from the start.” — AlaskanExplorer, 9 Aug 2011

  • rjrmckenna

    “very interesting film on 'urban' environmental issues in Nunavut. To the previous poster - it is likely internet/computer speed that is your problem. Try pausing and allowing the film to buffer longer (you'll see the bar continue to move to the right) so that you can view the whole film.” — rjrmckenna, 8 Jul 2011

  • jen

    “I I have attempted to watch this film twice, and both times it stops around the 15:40 minute, and then it goes back to the beginning. It is also very frustrating, because I cannot rewind or fast-forward, without it having to download all over again. Why can I not download the whole film and watch it straight through? Can you please publish this film on YouTube, so that I can watch it. Thank you. ” — jen, 19 Jun 2010

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