RiP! A Remix Manifesto

Join filmmaker Brett Gaylor and mashup artist Girl Talk as they explore copyright and content creation in the digital age. In the process they dissect the media landscape of the 21st century and shatter the wall between users and producers. Creative Commons founder, Lawrence Lessig, Brazil's Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, and pop culture critic Cory Doctorow also come along for the ride.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

From the playlist : Manifesto for Interventionist Media - because Art is a Hammer

Manifesto Point # 2: The filmmaker’s role is to experiment and adapt documentary forms to the original idea. Break stereotypes. Push the boundaries of what documentary means.RIP: A remix manifesto (trailer) not only has the word manifesto in its title (!), it is a great example of experimenting with and adapting documentary ideas. It is a cinematic argument for the right to use other people’s material in your own creations without being penalized. Director Brett Gaylor and the great gang at Eyesteele Film, in co-production with the NFB, use really innovative tools of the digital revolution to MAKE this film. Through their process called “open source cinema” Brett invites users around the world to upload, remix and reinterpret the actual film itself on his Web site. Winner of the prestigious 2008 audience award at the largest documentary festival on earth, IDFA.

— Katerina Cizek

From the playlist : Tré Armstrong on dance, music and passion

So this would have to be my favourite flick of them all. I love the use of the word mash-up. It applies to so many aspects of life in general--interracial relationships, dance hybrids like Bollywood (bhungra & urban dance together), chicken and waffles. At any rate, dance is all about taking different worlds, combining them and enjoying the explosion from that partnership. I hope I get the opportunity to watch Girl Talk live one day. He creates stimulating sounds, perfect for a dancer or any artist's palette. He's got an irresistible drive and his passion gives him this attractive energy that other people want to be around. He knows how to rock a party! And as for copyright? I would have to say I'm copyleft...

Note: You can watch all 13 chapters of RiP! A Remix Manifesto here.

— Tré Armstrong

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Mila Aung-Thwin
Kat Baulu
Germaine Ying Gee Wong
executive producer
Daniel Cross
Mila Aung-Thwin
Ravida Din
Sally Bochner
Mark Ellam
Tony Asimakopoulos
Brett Gaylor
Brett Gaylor
Brett Gaylor
Gregg Gillis
Mary Beth Peters
Cory Doctorow
Lawrence Lessig
Dan O'Neill
Gillis Family
Mark Hosler
Charlie Angus
David Greubel
Elisa Greubel
RaeJ Schwartz
Patti Santangelo
Don Smith
Robert Crane
Jammie Thomas
Amp Live
Bruce Lehman
Sany Pitbull
DJ Marlboro
Gilberto Gil
Students of Pensando Juntos
location sound
Brett Gaylor
Mila Aung-Thwin
Kyle Stanfield
Pablo Villegas
Richard Aylsworth
original music
Olivier Alary
supervising sound editor
Cory Rizos
sound designer
Kyle Stanfield
re-recording mixer
Cory Rizos
foley artist
Alexis Farand
Francis Hanneman
Omar Majeed
Conor Higgins
Darren Pasemko
Kent Hugo
Brett Gaylor
James Braithwaite
Drew Williamson
Kirwan Cox
Rob Maguire
Daniela Broitman
Dave Merchant


  • fitgirldc

    “Let me get this right? She worked at the copyright office for 40 YEARS and couldn't answer his question to her about infringement? Come on!” — fitgirldc, 25 Jul 2015

  • fitgirldc

    “Let me get this right? She worked at the copyright office for 40 YEARS and couldn't answer his question to her about infringement? Come on!” — fitgirldc, 25 Jul 2015

  • Kira1997

    “I loved it, because its showing this generation of copyright. After you look at it, think about ( in your words) how you can explain all of it in 5 minutes ” — Kira1997, 26 Feb 2015

  • Yiqi

    “This is so great, man. It's not just a documentary about remix culture, it's a fantastic remix for remix culture. I enjoy all the brilliant ideas you put in this video. Also I'm doing a personal project about Creative Commons, which meant to encourage the free/remix culture, but in my own opinion, it's not in the right way to reach the utopia. It's in a really embarrassing position now.” — Yiqi, 2 Nov 2014

  • tjsutherland

    “Like it or not it's copyright law 03-27-14 tjsutherland” — tjsutherland, 27 Mar 2014

  • moiznoleet

    “really informative doc” — moiznoleet, 7 Feb 2014

  • Crashtest

    “Greeeeeeeeeeaaat film! Opps Kellogg's might come after me! Really enjoyed this film and it open my eyes to many issue on copyright laws. As an producer/artist I love to remix and build from the past. I will definitely be sharing this film. Thanks for the Fantastic work.” — Crashtest, 28 Jul 2013

  • vandecamps

    “I'm pretty sure this film is ripping off Michael Moore.” — vandecamps, 23 Feb 2013

  • vandecamps

    “I'm sorry, but Professor Lessig's argument; that if you look at "mash-ups" like an essay, using the correct quotations, credits and sources, it should be fair use, is wrong. If we look at what Girl Talk is doing as an essay, we would see a whole paper full of words other people have said, with no quotation marks, and no sources cited with the author claiming that the work is his. That is called plagiarism. That is what he is doing. I do, however think that what Girl Talk puts out is awesome, I love the sound. I think his "mash-up" sound is amazing. But the fact he sells his album on iTunes without wanting to pay royalties is not right. The mentality that he wants to use something that he did not musically create or physically record, and make money on it without paying for the rights to do so, is not fair to the artist and musicians that actually created the chords, the rhythms, the lyrics and the melodies. His art should be recognized as a very important part of today's culture, but credit should be given where credit is due.” — vandecamps, 23 Feb 2013

  • LucaTarantini

    “I was watching this but it kept stopping for buffer... so I switched to my downloaded copy :)” — LucaTarantini, 22 Nov 2012

  • cpenner

    “How ironic is it that this movie isn't available for mixing, at least in Canada! ” — cpenner, 29 May 2012

  • Illmatic75

    “I'm looking for the name of the track starting at 17.57 since a long time ... The beat is so crazy !! Does anyone have it ? Thanks :)” — Illmatic75, 16 Apr 2012

  • sm1thy

    “I want to use this film for educational purposes. Does Fair Use apply, or do I have to pay for it?” — sm1thy, 13 Apr 2012

  • jmatlin

    “@b2 - Technical issue. It's working fine now. Sorry!” — jmatlin, 29 Oct 2010

  • b2

    “Curious, the movie is no longer available. Is it a technical issue or a copyright issue?” — b2, 29 Oct 2010

  • phmota

    “What an awesome movie! It makes me proud of being Brazilian (from Rio de Janeiro)! As a physicist I work in an environment of free remixing and all society should behave like it. Have you heard of LHC? It is the product of decades, centuries of free flow of ideas. I'll do my best and spread the word. Great work, guys! Keep remixing! Pirataria, sim! Liberdade digital já!” — phmota, 28 Sep 2010

  • fergd2050

    “what is the title of the bittersweet symphony remix!!! its totally awesome” — fergd2050, 9 Jul 2010

  • vinz

    “this movie is great. i really enjoyed it. vinz (italy)” — vinz, 11 Apr 2010

  • thebhoydave

    “great film... very provocative. If a little one-sided. it's not as black & white. not all musicians agree with lars ulrich of metallica. I worry that the next generation of songwriters will be left behind, because all the attention is on "remixing" existing "source material" is there no space for new source material... the new bands & artists are forgotten in all of this. U2/Aerosmith/JayZ will not crumble, but are future musicians to go the way of the dodo? ” — thebhoydave, 30 Mar 2010


    “What can i say... This was amazing, it really express what we all think down deep. It's a must watch, you should really spend the 1 hour and a half, you'll realize that it's all true. Everything explained in that movie is possible if everyone stand together, it's been proved once in the software industry with the linux foundation and the open source community. Hopefully we will all come to our sense and realize where we stand in life right now. Aeon” —, 5 Mar 2010

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