Okanagan Dreams

This documentary follows the migration of thousands of young Quebecers as they travel to British Columbia to harvest fruit in the lush Okanagan Valley. The camera follows several spirited youth into the orchards for seven weeks. As the rain sets in, reality unfolds: it's cold, the cherry crop is late, and money is short. But as they make friends and enjoy their independence, the promise of adventure is realized. Although their work is integral to the local economy, the youth find that the experience is not just about making money. It's about awareness, self-discovery and exploring the world.

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Who in their 20s hasn’t dreamt of going away for the summer to work somewhere exotic? In this sunny film we follow several young Quebeckers as they go pick fruit in British Columbia. It is Shangri-la for them, as most have never set foot outside of Quebec. The chance to live an adventure away from their parents for the first time brings the young people to the various farms to pick fruit, make friends and create lasting memories. One of the characters best sums it up when he says that working in the Okanagan Valley with the mountains surrounding him is so much better than being stuck in an office in Montreal. I guarantee that this film will put a smile on your face.

— Albert Ohayon

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Annie O'Donoghue
Selwyn Jacob
Shirley Claydon
Randy Rotheisler
Gordon Durity
location sound
Lisa Kolisnyk
documentary script
Annie O'Donoghue
Josée Martel
Michelle E. Smith
Randy Rotheisler
Marie-France Ménard
Pearl Becker
Carmen Calado
Gino Duchesne
Michel Galipeau
Maryse Godin
Ian Hamilton
Linda Larson
Chris Norton
Kendall Pew
Caroline Roberge
Tara Schmalz
Steeve Thomas
José Rodrigo Buenono
Shirley Desloges
Suzanne Gagnon
Karin Gallichand
Jocelyn Hallett
John Hood
Janie Hood
Graem Nelson
Jesse Norton
Jérôme Pono
Heather Smith
Serge Tétrault
Mal Turner
sound editor
Jamie Mahaffey
sound mix
Sharpe Sound Studios Inc.
executive producer
Graydon McCrea


  • twiceaside

    “IWhat a wonderful feeling I get , knowing that the youth of our great nation can still travel about the the country as I did 35 years ago having one of lives great adventures meeting the rest of the finest people in the world. New insights to labor opening an awareness that only a young person can benefit from a wonderful film” — twiceaside, 4 Jun 2010

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