For a Song

This documentary opens the door to the magnificent world of choral music, a world inhabited by exceptional beings with the capacity to experience joy from a single musical note. They sing anywhere and everywhere: at the wheel, in the shower, even in the kitchen. But above all, they sing together, men and women of all ages and various backgrounds, transformed by the radiant glory of song and united under the banner of L'Ensemble vocal d'Outremont.

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Tahani Rached
Tahani Rached
Tahani Rached
Jacques Leduc
André Corriveau
Claude Beaugrand
sound editing
Claude Beaugrand
Serge Boivin
Éric Michel


  • timfrompittsburgh

    “Having returned from a Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony featuring the Mendelssohn Choir, I was pleased to notice a documentary on a Canadian choir available on my TV cable offerings. I thoroughly enjoyed "For a Song"! It gave me tremendous insight into the whole process involved in putting on a choral work, and showed me the dedication, talent, heart, and drive of L'Ensemble vocal d'Outremont. Christine Harel's energy, enthusiasm, and joy in leading this tremendous group of singers was inspiring. I was rooting for the choir to have a successful outcome in the challenging stage piece they performed, and they came through wonderfully. Makes me wish I could sing. Fantastic documentary! ” — timfrompittsburgh, 29 Apr 2013

  • leodou

    “c'est vrai!!! Le chant choral peut changer votre vie! Ceci est arrive a moi depuis ma reprise a partir de 1982, quand j'avais 24 ans!!!” — leodou, 23 Feb 2012

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