Redskins, Tricksters and Puppy Stew

This feature documentary hilariously overturns the conventional notion of the “stoic Indian” and shines a light on an overlooked element of Native culture: humour, and its healing powers. Featuring an engaging cast of characters, Redskins, Tricksters and Puppy Stew is an in-depth laugh-a-minute tour of complex issues like Native identity, politics and racism. There’s Don Kelly, one of Canada's hottest young stand-up comics, whose Indian name means Runs Like a Girl. Kelly uses comedy to skewer stereotypes of the apathetic Indian. There’s also Sharon Shorty and Jackie Bear, 2 community healers from Whitehorse, Yukon, who portray Sarah and Susie, elderly Native ladies who discuss their daily activities and their love of Bingo and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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Drew Hayden Taylor
Drew Hayden Taylor
Silva Basmajian
Steve Weslak
Mark McCurdy
Joan Hutton
sound editor
Alan Gelhart
associate producer
Nancy C. Johnson
original music
André Vincelli
executive producer
Louise Lore
Shelley Craig
Jean Paul Vialard
sound recordist
Brent Marchenski
Joe Finlan
Bruce Cameron
David Cunningham
Keith Henderson
Ian Challis
Shreela Chakrabartty