Confessions of an Innocent Man

This raw exposé examines William Sampson’s harrowing experience while imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for a crime he didn’t commit. Sampson was working as a businessman when he was suddenly arrested and charged with a terrorist bombing and murder. He was tortured and held for 31 months. He is still fighting to hold the Saudi government accountable. He also asks, Where was the Canadian government?


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Film Credits

David Paperny
Martin Sheen
Terence McKeown
David Paperny
Tracey Friesen
Lara Mazur
director of photography
Todd Elyzen
original music composer
Ben Mink
Schaun Tozer
production designer
David Fischer
archival research
Paula Sawadsky
sound design
Miguel Nunes
sound supervision
Miguel Nunes
Laurie Few
sound recordist
Patrick Brereton
re-recording mixer
Miguel Nunes
Brent Stait
set decorator
Linda Vipond
sound recordist
Brent Calkin
costume designer
Fiona Boyle

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