Prime Ministers of Canada

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Discover Canada’s Prime Ministers

Since Confederation in 1867, Canada has had no fewer than 22 prime ministers, each of whom has made a distinctive mark on Canadian politics. This unique new playlist, accompanied by educational resources brought to you by Library and Archives Canada and the National Film Board of Canada, offers a rich selection of films about a remarkable group of leaders, providing in-depth perspectives on their varied contributions to Canadian history and society.

In addition to its compilation of films made over a span of more than 70 years, the playlist features these comprehensive and engaging resources: downloadable fact sheets, archival records, biographies and an assortment of images. This invaluable learning tool can be used both inside and outside the classroom—by educators, students, researchers or anyone seeking to learn more about the fascinating lives and legacies of Canada’s prime ministers.

Are you an educator?
This playlist is perfect for the classroom, and curated just for you.

A downloadable educator’s guide, entitled The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics, contains critical challenges, provincial curriculum connections, activities, handouts, resources and evaluation rubrics designed specifically for Canadian classroom use.

The films in the playlist are sure to enrich classroom learning, and can be viewed in class or as a homework assignment. Each film is accompanied by a short description. CAMPUS subscribers also have access to classifications by grade level and subject area and a chaptering tool that allows them to break the films up into easy-to-teach sections. (It is always recommended that you preview a film before showing it to your students.)

Target grade level:
• This film selection and accompanying resources are suitable for students ages 13 +(cycle 1 & 2 in Quebec).

Target subject areas:
• Canadian History
• Civics
• Canadian Studies
• Social Studies

Downloadable learning resources

Educator’s Guide: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics

Fact sheets about Canada’s prime ministers:

Sir John A. Macdonald
Alexander Mackenzie
Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott
Sir John Sparrow David Thompson
Sir Mackenzie Bowell
Sir Charles Tupper
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Sir Robert Laird Borden
Arthur Meighen
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Richard Bedford Bennett
Louis Stephen St. Laurent
John George Diefenbaker
Lester Bowles Pearson
Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Charles Joseph Clark
John Napier Turner
Martin Brian Mulroney
Kim Campbell
Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien
Paul Edgar Philippe Martin
Stephen Joseph Harper

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The National Film Board of Canada is proud to collaborate with Library and Archives Canada to bring engaging films, images, archival documents and educational resources to Canadians via and CAMPUS. Our aim is to make the best possible films and resources available in one place, accessible on the Web, around the world, 24/7. We will work together to achieve this aim by combining our vast and diverse collections into thematic modules, and by making them available online to educators in Canada and around the world.