This animated short tells the story of Seraphim "Joe" Fortes, one of Vancouver's most beloved citizens. Born in the West Indies, Joe Fortes swam in English Bay for over than 30 years. A self-appointed lifeguard at first, he became so famous that the city of Vancouver finally rewarded him with a salary for doing what he loved best. He taught thousands of people to swim and saved over a hundred lives. Yet there were some who did not respect him because of his skin colour. Through his determination, kindness and love for children, Joe helped shift attitudes.


Jill Haras
George Johnson
John Sereda
Tami Knight
Martin Rose
Amanda Forbis
Sherann E. Johnson
Tracy Lewis
Jill Haras
Blu Mankuma
Brenda McDonald
Richard De Klerk
Maria Fierro
Shirley Milliner
Janyse Jaud
Colin Murdock
Michael Dobson
Laara Sadiq
Terry Klassen
Katie Virshilas
Michal Suchanek
Nickol Tschenscher
Natasha Vasiluk
Eric Savics
sound supervisor
Gael MacLean
sound editor
Haida Paul
foley artist
Maureen Murphy
re-recording mixer
Bill Sheppard
Dean Giammarco
Cinesonic Productions Inc.
executive producer
Svend-Erik Eriksen