The Street

This award-winning animation is a poignant interpretation of a short story by Montreal author Mordecai Richler. It makes a strong statement about how many families respond to their old and infirm members. In washes of watercolour and ink, filmmaker Caroline Leaf illustrates reactions to a dying grandmother, capturing family feelings and distilling them into harsh reality.

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Film Credits

Caroline Leaf
Caroline Leaf
Guy Glover
executive producer
Wolf Koenig
Ken Page
sound editing
Gloria Demers
Michel Descombes
Mort Ransen
Vera Heitman
Sarah Dwight
John Hood
Howard Ryshpan

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  • redoak

    “A good story about life and death” — redoak, 27 Apr 2012

  • Puneetchandra

    “Wow! Amazing!Pure genius!” — Puneetchandra, 24 Jan 2011

  • “Amazing film. Continues to be a great source of inspiration.” — chertar, 30 Dec 2010

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