The Profession of Arms

  • Michael Bryans & Tina Viljoen,
  • ,
  • 56 min 38 s

This film is about professional soldiers--the career officers who devote their lives to maintaining military organizations and nurturing the attitudes that go with them. With extraordinary frankness, officers from six nations recount their combat experiences, describe how they come to terms with their job demands, and explain how sophisticated technology is changing the nature of their profession. Part three of the seven-part series War, hosted by Gwynne Dyer, examining the nature, evolution and consequences of modern warfare.


Michael Bryans
Tina Viljoen
Michael Bryans
Tina Viljoen
William Brind
John Kramer
executive producer
Barrie Howells
Gwynne Dyer
Douglas Kiefer
Paul Cowan
Susan Trow
Kent Nason
Andy Kitzanuk
Savas Kalogeras
Hans Oomes
Bev Davidson
Arthur McKay
Yves Gendron
Jacques Drouin
Raymond Marcoux
Tina Viljoen
sound editing
John Knight
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Adrian Croll
Larry Crosley
Gwynne Dyer


  • WillieT

    “I agree the mimiseries War by Gwynne Dyer is excellent. I rarely agree with Mr Dyer's political views but I must say this series was very balanced and hard to forget. Someone must make this series available for everyone! -WillieT” — WillieT, 24 Jun 2012

  • KenMT

    “I was extremely disappointed to find this excellent series as unavailable to the general public. I was hoping to find that the entire mini series was available for sale. Is it unavailable due to copyright or other reasons? I saw this series years ago on PBS here in the US, it deserves to be available as it was one of the more balanced pieces I have ever seen on the subject.” — KenMT, 21 Jan 2012

  • interlist

    “How does one obtain permission to view this? The description page I just came from: seems to suggest it was available to everyone. Is it not? I remember watching this on TV many years ago, and was struck by its deep insights. I now want to recommend it to others, if possible. Many thanks. --interlist” — interlist, 29 Apr 2010

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