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In this short animation film, a magnificent bird performs for the Emperor inside a glittering palace. Its plumage is a blaze of colour. A blackbird, watching enviously, strives to acquire what he so desperately covets, only to discover that a golden cage can’t compete with the open skies.

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  • design
    Ishu Patel
  • animation
    Ishu Patel
  • layouts
    George Ungar
  • character animation
    George Ungar
  • music
    Gheorghe Zamfir
  • sound effects
    Normand Roger
  • animation camera effects
    Pierre Landry
  • sound mixing
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • director
    Ishu Patel
  • producer
    Ishu Patel
  • executive producer
    Douglas MacDonald

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  • dkrobt

    what is the title song for this. i believe it's an ennio morricone track but can't find credit for it. pls help.

    dkrobt, 10 Apr 2017
  • sunsdragonfly

    This is so Splendid. I would rate it a double A plus all involving color, style and meanings. Thank You.

    sunsdragonfly, 13 Jul 2013
  • SilverBee

    I'll be waiting!

    SilverBee, 17 Apr 2012
  • kruscito

    @NannaGail --> We unfortunately don't have the streaming rights for this film! We're working on it, though!

    kruscito, 9 Nov 2011
  • NannaGail

    Why can't anyone watch this beautiful film! What's up NFB

    NannaGail, 5 Nov 2011
  • dreamisle2

    excellent film i love these birds

    dreamisle2, 15 Sep 2011