The Mixy Tapes

  • David Seitz & Michael Wray,
  • ,
  • 5 min 57 s

Musician MIXYLODIAN (Mike Wray) and filmmaker David Seitz team up to tell the story of their effort to produce a film. As the duo navigates an imagined world of visual metaphors in search of the perfect idea, realities of production and problems of communication render the film increasingly problematic. As the filmmakers race against the clock, skirting the line between conflict and compromise, the question becomes will it be too late to save the film? Part of the Making Music 2007 emerging filmmaker project, produced in association with Pop Montreal.


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Film Credits

David Seitz
Michael Wray
Aisling Chin-Yee
Maral Mohammadian
Germaine Ying Gee Wong
Patricia Boushel
sound editor
Don Ayer
sound mixer
Geoffrey Mitchell

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