Me and the Mosque

Using original animation, archival footage and personal interviews, this full-length documentary portrays the multiple relationships Canadian Muslim women entertain with Islam’s place of worship, the mosque. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. In North America, a large number of converts are women. Many are drawn to the religion because of its emphasis on social justice and spiritual equality between the sexes. Yet, many mosques force women to pray behind barriers, separate from men, and some do not even permit women to enter the building. Exploring all sides of the issue, the film examines the space – both physical and social – granted to women in mosques across the country.

Me and the Mosque was produced as part of the Reel Diversity Competition for emerging filmmakers of colour. Reel Diversity is a National Film Board of Canada initiative in partnership with CBC Newsworld. 


Zarqa Nawaz
Zarqa Nawaz
Joe MacDonald
executive producer
Graydon McCrea
Michael Scott
Dean Evans
Moira Simpson
sound recordist
Jeff Henschel
character design
Faisal Sethi
Faisal Sethi
Fazail Lufti
sound editor
Evan Rust
re-recording engineer
Evan Rust
Zarqa Nawaz
Moira Simpson
Naheed Mustafa
Itrath Syed
original music composer
Rob Bryanton
Todd Bryanton
Tracy Gerlach


  • JasmineP

    “Very good. Very very good. Praise that woman” — JasmineP, 12 Nov 2015

  • alexdavies

    “Salam alaikum. We live in east London UK. I am of Polish/Jewish catholic descent and my husband is an Arab. We have large number of small (usually tribal) mosques in our area, which is predominately constructed of Asian Muslims from the sub-continent of India. We do not have mosques with praying facilities for women at all! Forget the curtain. Masjid is off limit zone for women here. Where do these people learn about Islam? You have to be very careful, for many of these people, who come from abroad, bring with themselves a whole luggage of tribal, cultural, and historical (NOT LINKED TO ISLAM AT ALL) backgrounds and these individuals will create divisions, confusions and fall of unity between Muslims. I pray that Allah will bless us with the righteous leaders, knowledgeable teachers and peers, whose hearts are filled with mercy, compassion (FOR ALL CREATION OF GOD - WITHOUT EXCEPTION), people who can only enhance the beauty and purity of Islam, rather than stain it with some tradition or habit that has nothing to do with our religion. Stay strong sister ” — alexdavies, 17 Jan 2014

  • SisterHes

    “Salaam alaikom, Hello all, While as Muslims we can surely express the beautiful spirit of Islam and teach the West numerous lessons, we would mostly gain from self-introspection. Today, I was denied entrance at the local mosque in Amsterdam, Netherlands where I rush to pray every day so I offer my prayers on time.. skipping on a short 30 minutes lunch break. A man had complained. A women comes to pray… reaching, discretely, face down the separate women prayer room for few minutes. My throat got tighter as I was thinking… I condemn western societies – as French Muslim women wearing my modest hijab – for limiting my God-given rights to practice my religion, today, it is my community that shuts the door of the “house of God” upon my heart. Have we regressed to the point of losing sight of the essential, the core of our prophet(saw)’s teachings and our faith. On this note, I got back to work sad and silent…” — SisterHes, 24 Aug 2012

  • HatoonALFASSI

    “Dear Zarqa, this is a great documentary. Too bad I haven't seen it before. I've been fighting similar attitudes here in Saudi Arabia especially in the Grand Mosque of Makkah and Madinah. Some of my articles were translated into English. Here are the links:§ion=0&article=78202&d=30&m=8&y=2006 and , the second article is were I debate the barrier and argued that the prayer of women from behind barriers is not valid. ” — HatoonALFASSI, 5 Jun 2012

  • “As'salamualikum wa Rahmatullah! you should come visit our Masjid in Chicago, Masjid Al-FArooq 8950 S. Stoney Island, where the Imam went Against the congregation and asked for no barriers to be built in the new location with proofs. At the same time he addressed the proper etiquette of the men and women at the masjid. Dress code, lowering of the gaze, etc.” — TaqwaAsh, 29 Dec 2010

  • jmatlin

    “Thanks, all. Small technical glitch - it's been fixed and the film is working.” — jmatlin, 30 Aug 2010

  • Ezz

    “It isn't working ?!!!” — Ezz, 30 Aug 2010

  • grannylin46

    “This video is not working.” — grannylin46, 27 Aug 2010

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