My Financial Career

An animated film based on Stephen Leacock's witty account of a young man's first brush with banking. When he tries to make his deposit, he is so intimidated by the institution that nothing he says comes out right.

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Gerald Potterton
Colin Low
Tom Daly
Ron Alexander
sound editing
Kathleen Shannon
Gerald Potterton
Grant Munro
Stanley Jackson


  • PinScreenEnthusiast

    “Really enjoyed the subtleties of this film, I've always admired Gerald Potterton for his ability to add detail to films. One thing I'd really like get some opinions on is how his use of cel animation enhances the film? ” — PinScreenEnthusiast, 10 Apr 2014

  • ashtavakra

    “I always liked stephen leacock for his intelligent humour. I liked the film too as a pictorial narrative. I would prefer however a more animated imagination V.N.Laxminarayana,Mysore (India)” — ashtavakra, 2 Dec 2010

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