How Do They Put the Centres in Chocolates?

How Do They Put the Centres in Chocolates? is one of a series of short films that reveal the mysteries of how things are made. Viewers are taken on a visit to the factory to see how a whole variety of chocolate treats are produced.

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  • MsGibbs

    “Oh yum! And I can't eat dairy anymore! It's cool to watch all the complicated steps that go into making one little chocolate!” — MsGibbs, 5 Apr 2012

  • mdeschenes

    “really fun to watch” — mdeschenes, 6 Dec 2010

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Film Credits

Don White
Ken Kuramoto
Shirley Claydon
sound recording
Rick Bal
sound design
Gael MacLean
re-recording engineer
Michael Colomby
George Johnson
executive producer
Svend-Erik Eriksen

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