Just Another Job

This short film takes you behind the scenes of the Quebec Nordiques. Coached by the legendary Maurice Richard, the team is playing its opening World Hockey Association game at the Quebec Coliseum. Experience the pre-game tension, the on-ice action and the dream-contract signing.

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Film Credits

Pierre Letarte
Pierre Letarte
Ian McLaren
Jean-V. Dufresne
Claude Lefebvre
Raymond Marcoux
Peter Raymont
sound editing
André Galbrand
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Jean Cousineau

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  • bulldogbarks55

    “Those were great sweaters that the first-year Nordiques wore. The later all-Blue uniforms were too plain. I remember the old AHL As de Quebec Aces. They had some great battles with my Rochester Americans. The Leaf-sponsored Amerks won in the playoffs three years against Quebec!” — bulldogbarks55, 27 May 2011

  • canadianation

    “This should serve as an inspiration to getting an NHL franchise to return to Quebec.” — canadianation, 3 Feb 2011

  • leswill

    “loved the old Nordique sweaters.” — leswill, 5 Feb 2010

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