Arctic IV

Arctic IV

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This feature-length documentary offers a glimpse at the unknown world that lies beneath the Arctic ice. Arctic IV follows Dr. Joseph MacInnis, a specialist in underwater medicine, as he probes and explores the polar depths. Filmed at Resolute Bay, Dr. MacInnis and his team must chip through over 2 metres of ice and dive into the frigid, watery depths at the North Pole - all in the name of science.

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  • director
    James de B. Domville
  • producer
    Colin Low
  • script
    Donald Brittain
  • cinematography
    Ernest McNabb
    Rick Mason
  • sound
    Raymond Marcoux
    Ken Page
  • editing
    David Wilson
    Peter Starr
  • sound editing
    Peter Starr
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • music
    Ben Low

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