Festival du nouveau cinéma: 40 years of new cinema

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For the 40th anniversary of the Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), we asked the Festival programmers to draw up a list of NFB films that have made an impression on them over the years. After much reflection, in addition to the 10 films under “Selected Films” to your right, the team selected these works. Most of them have previously been screened at the FNC:

Comfort and Indifference
The Decline of the American Empire
Alias Will James
Hotel Chronicles
Between Two Worlds
Riel Country
The Hat
Black Soul
Is the Crown at war with us?
Tower Bawher
Men For Sale
Lipsett Diaries

Philippe Gajan, one of the FNC programmers – short films/FNC Lab –, describes how he and his team made the selection:

Naturally, it started out as a game, a demanding and complex game that involved agreeing on a history of these past 40 years. Placing all these films within the collective memory that cinematic works cultivate. Films that FNC has screened, or in some, many, instances would have liked to have screened... A history that spans filmmaking in Quebec and the world: the greats of direct cinema, the masters of animation. In the end, it really only reveals a tiny part of that history, since new stories are constantly added to the ongoing saga.

The Festival du nouveau cinema takes place from Oct. 12 – 23, 2011. Discover the programming.