Canada's Got Treasures!

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Canada's Got Treasures! is an online interactive space created by the Virtual Museum of Canada which brings museum treasures and your treasures together.

Each week on Canada's Got Treasures! from mid-May to mid-November 2010, short videos about the significant holdings from our national museums and institutions will be revealed, with an accompanying quiz to test your knowledge of Canadian history and heritage.

Where possible, the NFB will present a film to accompany these treasures. These films are being collected and presented in this playlist. Treasures from our museums and private collections from the three coasts of Canada will be plotted on an interactive geographic map.

Canada's Got Treasures! is also a venue for you to share your treasures with Canada. Using YouTube and Flickr, the website invites you to upload photos and videos of objects, artworks, buildings, people or locations that are special or culturally significant to you and Canadians. Once approved, they will be featured on the Canada's Got Treasures! website for the world to experience and enjoy.

Share your own gems and put your treasures on the map!