Go head-to-head with an icebreaker. Plunge down a twisting mountain gorge. Soar through the clouds in the nosecone of a jet, then speed along with a dog team as it races across a frozen Arctic lake. A sweeping, moving tribute to Canada's stunning geography and rich cultural heritage, Momentum leaps off your screen--and touches your heart.

Momentum wowed audiences from around the world when it premiered at Seville, the greatest world's fair of the last quarter century.

Film Credits

Colin Low
Tony Ianzelo
Mark Zannis
executive producer
Colin Neale
Ernest McNabb
Jacques Drouin
Michael McKennirey
sound editing
André Galbrand
Danuta Klis
Eldon Rathburn

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  • carolon

    “En effet, très intéressant à montrer à une classe de français langue seconde au Québec. Connaissez-vous d'autres films dans le même genre à montrer à des immigrants en francisation? Merci!” — carolon, 9 Mar 2013

  • Robert919

    “J'ai trouvé Momentum très intéressant.” — Robert919, 19 Apr 2012

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