Vistas: Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line turns the politics and conflicts of a playground sandbox into an allegory for the way nations treat one another, and the borders seem to do more harm than good.

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Film Credits

Tracey Deer
Tracey Deer
Cynthia Knight
Zack Martin
William Monette
Karon:iase Bruin Montour
director of photography
Paul Taylor
Carl Freed
Alain Auger
sound recordist
Toby Richardson
Suzana Fischer
Laurie Jackson
production designer
Donna Noonan
art director
Bradley Jonasson
sound design
Don Ayer
Geoffrey Mitchell
Karla Baumgardner
Kat Baulu
Joe MacDonald
Vanessa Loewen
executive producer
Derek Mazur
Peter Strutt

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  • jansapp007

    “I am showing films such as these to my writing class who are then assigned a challenge task: Write a minimum of 5 sentences (using simple, compound, complex/compound sentences) in your written response to the film. After the film is shown, we discuss the themes and ideas, then we freewrite for 10 minutes. Students develop their organized para. at home and turn in for an assignment. On this past Friday, I had no absences and no tardies! Video Power!” — jansapp007, 27 Feb 2011

  • uwasawaya

    “This short film had a surprising degree of 'shock' in the ending; it makes such a strong point because it was just so completely illogical. The response of the second lad coming to the aid of the first, both brunettes, when the very blond bully sort was predictable. What took me by complete surprise was that the 'defender/protector' then turned on the first child in exactly the same manner that the first bully had done. Very smart production. It is all just so sad, such a waste of life and potential, and causes so much pain when people draw those lines in the sand. We all got here the same way, we all leave the same way and while we are here, we all need and basically want the same things. National borders are simply artificial boundaries put in place by 'someone' who wants/ed to protect their turf...when it was never theirs to protect in the first place. It would be so simple if everyone born on this planet could view it and themselves as just part of the whole and not as being the most important part of some fragment of the human family. We are all native Earthlings and viewing each other with suspicion and/or fear based on variety in appearance or language is just so shallow. As humans, we seem to treasure variety in everything except each other. Wow; this short production still has me a little boggled. ” — uwasawaya, 3 Feb 2011

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