My Grandmother Ironed the King's Shirts

This Oscar®-nominated animated film comes from Oscar®-winning filmmaker Torill Kove (The Danish Poet). It's a tall tale about her grandmother's life in Oslo, Norway, during World War II. Sharp and whimsical, her story combines her grandmother's tales with historical events and fantasy, showing how a cherished anecdote can come to acquire a mythical status. King Harald of Norway said, "I love the irony of this short."

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Torill Kove
Torill Kove
Torill Kove
Mag Ruffman
animation camera
Pierre Landry
Lynda Pelley
Thea Pratt
Karl Erik Ruud
Kevin Dean
Normand Roger
Jean-Baptiste Roger
final mix
Shelley Craig
executive producer
David Verrall
Marcy Page
Lars Tommerbakke


  • robswilderness

    “The image of the man standing beside the horse near the end of the film looks very much like Herman Jackrabbit Smith-Johannsen! Is it him?” — robswilderness, 31 May 2013

  • stonesprout

    “Easy to see why this won an Oscar. Very well done in every respect...Bravo!” — stonesprout, 10 Mar 2011

  • Puneetchandra

    “:-)Exhilarating!” — Puneetchandra, 24 Jan 2011

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