Up the Yangtze

This award-winning documentary follows the Shiu family as their home is destroyed by the rising waters of China’s Yangtze River - a consequence of the Three Gorges Project, the largest hydroelectric dam in history.

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Olivier Alary
Hannele Halm
director of photography
Wang Shi Qing
executive producer
Daniel Cross
Mila Aung-Thwin
Ravida Din
Sally Bochner
Mila Aung-Thwin
Germaine Ying Gee Wong
John Christou
Yung Chang
Cindy Yu Shui
Yu Ting Jun
Yang Zhi Bi
Yu Zhang Ying
Yu Deng Feng
Jerry Chen Bo Yu
Spencer Zheng Li Jie
executive producer
Sydney Suissa
Stephen Hunter
Cara Mertes
Jean Pelletier
Hans Robert Eisenhauer
Wang Shi Qing
Yung Chang
sound recordist
Lixin Fan
supervising sound editor
Cory Rizos
sound editor
Kyle Stanfield
sound mixer
Serge Boivin
Shelley Craig
foley artist
Karl De Serres
sound engineer
Howard Bilerman


  • beaulac

    “I loved this film; it is pertinent to Canadians because it shows how helpless peole are when there is corruption and no rule of law to portect them.” — beaulac, 11 Sep 2013

  • amier

    “PandaBear - I'm not sure I understand what your objection to this film is. NFB has produced numerous films about China over the preceding decades, this being just one of them. As for your contention that China doesn't make documentaries like this about other countries, I can assure you that CCTV (Chinese) does.” — amier, 31 Oct 2012

  • PanadaBear

    “Sorry, why is this on the NFB? What does it have to do with Canada exactly? You don't see the Chinese making documentaries about Canada like this. Grow up Canada. Thank god I left you to live in China.” — PanadaBear, 22 Dec 2011

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