The 1950s: Television and the Move to Montreal

A selection by Albert Ohayon


This sensitive drama tells the story of a couple, Roy and Judy, and the reactions they encounter when they announce their intention to marry, reactions complicated by the fact that Roy is black and Judy is white.

From the playlist : The 1950s: Television and the Move to Montreal

This half-hour dramatization, broadcast on the CBC as part of the Perspective series, tells the story of an interracial couple who plan to marry and the prejudices they face. It is amazing to see that the NFB was ready to tackle such a controversial subject as early as 1957. The response to the broadcast was startling, with the majority of people approving the sensitive way filmmaker Don Haldane approached the subject.

— Albert Ohayon

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Film Credits

Don Haldane
Julian Biggs
Charles E. Israel
John Foster
Erik Nielson
Tony Lower
sound editing
Brian Keene
William Gunn
Patricia Moffatt
Kathleen Kidd
Arch McDonnell
Lorraine Foreman
Eric Christmas
John Leluk

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