Stop-Motion Animation Workshop

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Learn to animate—one frame at a time

Experience the National Film Board of Canada’s stop-motion animation workshop online. This web module will teach you how to produce stop-motion animation videos and introduce you to NFB stop-motion animated films. It offers instructional videos and step-by-step lessons. The 7 lessons have been designed for an Intermediate (Grade 7–9) Art Curriculum. However, they can be easily modified to suit other age levels and subject areas.

Are you an Educator?
If you want to use stop-motion animation in your classroom, start by clicking on the StopMoStudio Overview. Read the Educator’s Strategy Guide first, which is a companion piece to the tutorial videos featured on this playlist, then work through the rest of the resources. Watch the tutorial clips (one, a couple, or all in one visit) then select a lesson plan related to what your students are studying in class. Next, familiarize yourself with Lessons 1–7 and the related activities.

Stop-motion animation can be integrated across the curriculum in subjects as diverse as math, social studies and media literacy. We recommend introducing stop-motion animation as a learning activity or even as a tool for students to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject area. Why not collaborate with other teachers in your school to create an interdisciplinary learning activity?

Learning for Fun
If you want to try your hand at stop-motion animation outside of a classroom context, we suggest you start by clicking on the NFB Instructional Videos. View the Mediatheque Playlist to see examples of users’ previous animation work. You can view NFB professional stop-motion animation films on our curated Stop-Motion Animation Playlist. Then, if you would like to learn more about creating your own animations, explore Lessons 1–7, and complete any activities that interest you. Animation Resources will provide you with more useful tips, references and templates to round out your online workshop experience.

Educator’s Strategy Guide
Lesson 1 – Introduction to Media Literacy
Lesson 2 – Introduction to Animation
Lesson 3 – Overview of Technology and Principles of Animation
Lesson 4 – Storyboarding and Storytelling
Lesson 5 – Creating Characters for Animation
Lesson 6 – Creating a Set
Lesson 7 – Animation Production
Animation Resources

StopMoStudio was inspired by our ever-popular stop-motion animation workshops. Want to discover stop-motion in-person? You can participate in these unique workshops by visiting the NFB Education offices in Toronto or Montreal.

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